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HOMESTEAD ARTS HOME PAGE call us at 631-689-8172

We implement demonstrations and workshops of farm and home crafts like maple sugaring, old time music and dance, games, sheep shearing, spinning, dying, and weaving, candle and soap making, canning and preserving, beekeeping, gardening, blacksmithing and haying, wood working and milling and many other relevant old time crafts and arts.

Childrens activities include hands on programs studying the processes, skills and products of colonial times through the present. Children two years old through High School will have specially designed courses just for them.

Adult designed offerings will cover the range of information available in the Agricultural and Folk Arts. Teacher Workshops will be available to bring these exciting areas into the classroom.

We support artisans through in-school cultural programs, as well as field trip experiences. By preserving the processes of many of the folk arts with demonstrations, workshops, special events and festivals, in schools, on farms and at public gatherings, we will touch all ages and provide a historical perspective of these art forms and processes.


If you are looking for information about Benner's Farm click here!

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